• $799.00

Want to know how much you have available to you? We have a coaching aid to help!

Green LED’s = the grip you’re using your potential, and Red LED’s = the remaining available grip cars potential. EASY.

APEX was born out of the desire to simplify and improve the way data is displayed and communicated to the driver.

Apex Pro will simply show the drivers their current vs potential performance.

With the validation from pro racers and coaches, APEX entered the market and has proven to be an effective tool, with the potential to re-shape the way drivers view data.

What To DO:

Mount Apex Pro to your dash in view to see the lights

Download the app, Bluetooth to the device, pick your track and select start, how easy is that?

How about overlaying your laps to find where you can improve, if its under braking, corner speed or exit speed.

No expensive data logging required, and its light and compact

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