Nissan RB Cylinder Head Oil Drain Kit

011-002 KIT RB20/25
  • $169.00

A Head Oil Drain Kit is a product designed by Franklin Engineering to help reduce excessive oil buildup in the cylinder head of Nissan RB twin cam series engines.

Excessive oil build up is a common problem experienced on the drag strip, drift track and occasionally on the street.

This kit helps drain the oil back to the sump instead of building up in the head where it often ends up being forced out of tappet cover breathers and catch cans.

The new generation of head drain fittings feature a more compact and light weight design. An 8AN O-Ring port is now used to enable more compact plumbing, and multiple mounting options have been added. For RB30 engines the fitting is positioned vertical as there is ample gearbox clearance. For RB20, RB25 and RB25 engines the fitting can be positioned at an angle to achieve the required clearance around the gearbox.

To fit the oil drain the frost-plug at the rear of the head is removed and two M6 holes are required to be tapped into the rear of the head.

Suitable for all Nissan RB20DE, RB20DET, RB25DE, RB25DET, RB26DETT, and RB30DET engines, including Neo engines.

Parts from Franklin Engineering Ltd. are such a great price because we are designers, the manufacturers and the seller of the parts - there is no middleman or resellers. You're buying top quality direct from the manufacturer.

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